El Olio Wolof

Too often, bands are lumped into the indie-rock category. Sure, most local bands are signed (or not) to independent record labels, but the term has moved beyond that simple definition to become all-encompassing. Tempting as it is to label Merced’s El Olio Wolof as merely indie, their unusual songs deserve more. The band’s soft vocals and delightful lyrics are set to a curious combination of folk, classical, rock and carnival sounds. Catch ’em live at the Press Club this Sunday at 4 p.m.

1. “Your Church is Red”
by The Black Heart Procession (from 2)

2. “Steal My Body Home”
by Beck (from Mellow Gold)

3. “Clap Hands”
by Tom Waits (from Rain Dogs)

4. “Who by Fire”
by Leonard Cohen (from New Skin for the Old Ceremony)

5. “Croker Courtbullion”
by Dr. John (from Gris-Gris)