Letters for May 24, 2018

Notorious RBG review

Re “RBG” by Daniel Barnes (Film, May 17):

Perhaps your movie reviewer did not see the RBG movie that I saw. He gave it a two-star rating—I give it 10 stars! Everything he said that was not seen in the movie WAS seen in the movie, and very well done. The movie emphasized Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s part in giving women equal rights in the work force, her bipartisan decisions in the court, and her love for her family and country. The audience gave an enthusiastic round of applause when the movie finished, which you don’t hear very often. Reviewer, see the movie again!

Sondra Meyer


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Cox for sheriff

Re “It’s a real horse race for Sacramento sheriff” by Raheem F. Hosseini (News, March 8):

To be fair, you should update this or write a new article including details of Milo Fitch’s “misconduct allegations” (granted they were released well after this was published). The fact that Milo retired early (for less money than full retirement) rather than face the pending investigation. I tried looking at that as objectively as possible, but it reeks of guilt and truth. I absolutely do not like Scott Jones, and Bret Daniels is a really bad candidate IMHO. I’m gonna have to go with Donna Cox on this one. Retired mother of two with a chip on her shoulder regarding pro-bro and harassment bias within the force. I think she is the only logical person that can bring some much-needed positive change. Perhaps you can look into her a little more. Inquiring voter minds would/should like to know. Thank you.

Paul Eusey

Elk Grove

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Still not enough

Re “Council long shots take the competition to task over homeless policies” by Raheem F. Hosseini (Beats, February 18, 2016):

It’s interesting to see that since this article was written back in 2016, nothing has changed. The city council continues to do next to nothing to solve the homeless crisis that is now significantly worse in 2018 as a result of the rising rents and opioid epidemic. I recently began going to the city council meetings and I am teaming up with new activists such as Kimberly Church to give renewed vigor to the campaign to find housing for the homeless as well as health services. I truly believe with the exception of Jeff Harris that the entire city council needs to be replaced. It is corrupt and ineffectual. I vow to be as polite as possible when speaking at these meetings because I do believe that part of the problem is that some of the activists have become so cynical and angry (and with good reason) that they have permanently turned off the members of the city council. I will work hard to end this combativeness within the activist community. Things are so bad though with regards to the future of this city that I may have to run sooner than later and leave the teaching profession sooner than later. I love being a teacher and I am truly a public servant in helping these kids achieve their goals.

Jenn Rogar


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Destination restaurant

Re: “Sac water-buffalo dairy farm fuels Silicon Valley restaurant” by Laura Ness (Dish, May 17):

Great article and glad to see that Morsey’s is getting the attention they deserve! May I make a suggestion to edit the address that is listed? The city should be Los Altos instead of Santa Clara, as they are located in downtown Los Altos.

Amita S.

Los Altos Hills

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Note: The address in the print edition was correct; the website has been updated.