Letters for May 17, 2018

Assessing the interim assessor

Re “Tax and defend” by Graham Womack (News, May 10):

If she [Christina Wynn] is unaware of improprieties, then her head is buried deep in the sand with all the investigations going on. And, we do not need a clueless incompetent running the assessor’s office.

Vicki Korsak

Citrus Heights

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Why Trump hates Amazon

President Trump has a long enemies list—are you on it? Jeff Bezos has now shot up to number two, right behind Robert Mueller who is investigating Trump for election misbehavior. Recently Trump unleashed a Twitter attack against Bezos and his company, Amazon, and threatened to use the federal government to punish Bezos.

Trump, aides say, is “obsessed” with Amazon and Bezos—largely because Bezos owns The Washington Post, which has covered the Trump administration aggressively. Trump’s blatant use of state power to punish specific TV networks, newspapers and private companies has no precedent—except in autocracies like Russia, Turkey and Venezuela, where it was the first step in the erosion of freedom. That couldn’t happen here, of course. Trump’s own Republican Party wouldn’t stand for it. Ha! What rock have you been hiding under?

Ron Lowe

Nevada City

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Berryessa Brewery: closer than you think

Re “Ten Best Beer Patios” by Rachel Leibrock (Feature, May 10):

“Located about an hour north of Sacramento, Berryessa is a weekend destination …” Actually, it’s about 40 minutes due west of Sacramento.

Andrew Foster


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Open-minded about open carry

Re “Ghost of a chance” by Scott Thomas Anderson (News, May 3):

Thank you for a second informative article about ghost guns, letting us know about AB 2382. That is good news, as well as the balanced reporting about Mike Turner, who exposed me to another point of view regarding open carry. It is important to see a more nuanced view of gun advocates instead of the polarized view that often dominates reporting on this issue.

Francesca Reitano


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Open up and heal

Re “DM the universe” by Joey Garcia (Ask Joey, May 10):

Thank you so much for being vulnerable and sharing your heart. Letting go and moving on is so difficult but can be such a rewarding experience. I am currently writing my first book [in which] I share the heartbreak of my ex-husband’s affair and divorce and how I was able to move on. Being vulnerable and sharing your heart is how we can help others live healthier.

Megan Fenyoe

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You should look it up

Re “Can U.S. health care be healed?” by Jeff vonKaenel (Greenlight, May 17):

Well, it was made broken on purpose, just got to put down an edict to stop frauding, lying and cheating and heal everyone? You can thank the [Pritzker School of Medicine] at the University of Chicago, the mob patronage hospital for all the phony doctors and system, the Pritzkers started it all over 100 years ago!

Goldie Moore

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