Letters for May 10, 2018

GSK’s former job is irrelevant

Re “Killer former cop” by Christine Craft (Letters, May 3):

Seriously!? I get the need to publish letters critical or mocking of your editorial opinions/positions, but “criticizing” your views on our elected DA and the serious issues of police deadly force policies because a serial murderer/rapist was a cop 40 years ago is neither clever nor funny. Please, keep implying that DA Schubert isn’t independent enough to investigate police misconduct allegations (she isn’t); and the fact that the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer was temporarily a cop eons ago is irrelevant and suggesting it is does not warrant “Letter of the Week” status.

Mark Rackich


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The Bee: too far left

Re “Save The Bee” by Eric Johnson (Editor's Note, April 26):

The Sac Bee has had no competition for years. SN&R is a quite different and a different platform. The Bee chose to use distorted language in headlines and lost its objectivity a long time ago. Many, many moderate people live in Sacramento and they got tired of having to dig to find the truth.

The Stephon Clark and Black Lives Matter is a classic example. The Bee has skewered SAC PD and the DA, even though they should know their basic civics lesson about due process and separation of powers. The activist reporters and activist editors have caused many good subscribers to leave The Bee in favor of other platforms. The Clark reporting has demonstrated they have become more and more like the National Enquirer. The only reason I read the Bee is for Joe Davidson's coverage of high school sports, and, occasionally, to see what Marcos Breton has to say. Sad to see it go, but they should have drifted back to center a long time ago and they could have sold more news papers. Just like a lot of things, silent protests and withholding of cash makes a difference. See ya!

Maggi Schubert


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Bee: not at all left

Re “Bye-Bye Bee” by Ken Lauszus (Letters, May 3):

Would you care to comment on any issues that make the Clintons, Obama and the Bee “left,” or do facts have that famous “liberal bias” that emotional reactions don't? Bill Clinton ended “welfare as we know it,” Obama hijacked Romneycare from the Republicans, and the Bee endorsed Newsom and Chiang for governor over the progressive Delaine Easton. I understand. Facts aren't sexy.

John Bell


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Stick to the numbers

Re “Keeping up with the Jones campaign” by Raheem F. Hosseini (News, April 23):

I'm a huge fan of Raheem Hosseini; Sheriff Jones, not so much. However, Hosseini's piece on campaign contributions was not up to par for a journalist of his stature. Jones is bad enough—lacing the article with innuendo and puns wasn't really necessary. Mr. Hosseini, come on, you're better than that.

Daniel Steinhart


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Ghost guns are OK

Re “Ghost of a chance” by Scott Thomas Anderson (News, May 3):

Most guns in the USA are already untraceable as only a few states require gun registration—transfers occur all the time inside state lines which require no background check or registration. Moreover, Americans deserve privacy as to their gun ownership, or not. Learn more at OpenCarry.org. And carry on!

Mike Stollenwerk

Alexandria, VA

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