Letters for May 3, 2018

Killer former cop

I guess your reporters and editors will no longer be able to imply that DA Anne Marie Schubert never prosecutes cops. Please see Golden State Killer, a former Auburn cop.

Christine Craft

San Francisco

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Bye-bye Bee

Re “Save The Bee” by Eric Johnson (Editor's Note, April 26):

A long time ago I was a tried and true Democrat. In the '70s, I was a member of the downtown Democratic Club and hosted fundraisers at my home for candidates like Vic Fazio and Tom Hayden and his wife Jane Fonda. I also worked on campaigns for Mayors Phil Isenberg and Ann Rudin. I also worked with Pat Malarkey on the Save the Alhambra campaign.

But my involvement in the Democrat Party ended with all the shenanigans of the Clintons. The Bee was always a liberal paper, but starting with the Clintons, it has started to grow farther left each year. The Democrat Party left me. With Obama's presidency it rocketed to the extreme, fringe left.

So if The Bee passes into history, I say good riddance. How can you prosper when you insult and degrade almost half your potential readers and express a left agenda from page one to the Forum. As much as I disliked The Bee, I would usually buy it on Sunday. Lately, I don't do that.

So I happily say “Ding Dong the once-great-Bee is (almost) dead.” And ironically at its own hands.

Ken Lauszus


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Hip-hop artist deserves it

Re “Nate Curry: Hip-hop in his bones” by Skye Cabrera (15 Minutes, April 26):

Sacramento has so much talent!!! Thank you for spotlighting artists who deserve it. Great article.

Nancy G

West Sacramento


Don’t forget the first locals

Re “Mapping racism” by Alan Pyke (Feature, April 19):

Why is there no discussion of the indigenous inhabitants of Sacramento? You can't discuss the racial history of Sacramento without recognizing that the Maidu and Miwok people were forced out of their land.

Brittani Orona


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Actually, orange weed is even better. Seriously.

Re “Bring back brown weed” by M.W. “Malozone” Malone (Letters, April 26):

Thank you for the honor of being chosen and published. However, I made a grave mistake by using the color “brown” when I meant to say “orange,” thus resulting in your staff titling the letter “Bring back brown weed.” Although I have tasted some weed from Thailand and Hawaii that dropped its chlorophyll and took on a spicy cinnamon-tasting brown color at harvest, I don't forget the bales of brown weed from Mexico that were seriously inferior to the strains my letter was bringing to the reader's attention.

This brown weed dropped its chlorophyll after harvest either before or after it was baled, often using a Sears trash compactor. There were dirt, rocks and other trash to be found in this weed. It was usually low-grade and not “con-non-sewer” quality that gold (yellow), red and orange weed was. To whomever gave my letter the misleading title, “You got me!” I'll be careful in the future.

M.W. “Malozone” Malone

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