Letters for January 16, 2020

Re: “Reminders of injustice” by Kula Koenig (Essay, Dec. 26):

The importance of being right in one’s facts before making erroneous opinions or bias would help here. The owner of Mango’s is stated to have said regarding gender-neutral restrooms that they are impractical and that “nobody does that except gay clubs.”

Widespread public facilities—including in Sacramento Joe Marty’s restaurant, Tea Bar and some Starbucks, to name a few—have gender-neutral restrooms. Such an arrangement offers adequate privacy stalls plus hygienic wash basins. This arrangement provides practical first-come, first-served use of facilities rather than females being forced to wait longer than males in many separate locations.

Harvey Cain

Sacramento / via email

A lost gem

Re: “Tower of rubble” by Dylan Svoboda (News, Jan. 2):

And just like the Alhambra Theater, another gem is lost forever. It was fun while it lasted. So long, old friend, ’til we meet in that great big record store in the sky.

Angie Lopez

via Facebook

Look in the mirror

Re: “Cruel and irresponsible” by Ginger Rutland (Letters, Jan. 2):

I’m bemused by Ginger Rutland’s outrage over the recent story about whatever happened to former Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson. Rutland cites the fact that Johnson was never arrested or convicted for his many alleged sexual improprieties with both underage and fully grown women as if it were some sort of character recommendation. She balks that SN&R describes his supporters as “fixers.”

There is considerable irony here. Rutland, who never took the accusations seriously at The Sacramento Bee, is the sister of a prominent political consultant, Billy Rutland. This is precisely the class of “fixers” who protected Johnson for decades.

Christine Craft

Sacramento / via email

No communists here

Re: “Soviet planning” by Bruce Booher (Letters, Jan. 2):

Soviet planning? Your comparison of the modern progressive movement to failed communist plans is disingenuous and flawed. No one in the progressive movement wants anything like Soviet communism. We want a government that values people over corporate greed and runaway capitalism.

Lee Elvgren

Modesto / via email


Re: “A rosy tradition” by Debbie Arrington (Garden, Jan. 2):

The article incompletely described improvements at McKinley Park after a stormwater vault is built. There will be a multipurpose turf field. SN&R regrets the error.

Re: “California’s cannabis turf” by Craig Baracco (Cannabis guide, Dec. 19):

A chart accompanying the story incorrectly described regulations in Sacramento and West Sacramento. Commercial cultivation is allowed in the two cities, with restrictions. SN&R regrets the error.