Letters for January 9, 2020

Re: “The 2019 Grinches: Enablers edition”(Feature, Dec. 26):

It was incredibly disheartening to see Goodwill made your 2019 Grinches list. It seems your editorial team is incredibly biased against Goodwill since I believe this is the third piece of negative press about them you’ve published this year.

Goodwill Industries of Sacramento Valley and Northern Nevada provides life saving services to tens of thousands of people every year. They are so much more than a thrift store. Did you know their business model over the past several years has involved jumping in and saving at-risk nonprofits that are critical to the well-being of our community? For example, they saved WIND Youth Services from a seemingly hopeless demise a couple of years ago, and the agency is now thriving and serving more youth than ever.

So perhaps you should do your research and learn about what this amazing organization is actually doing. You might be surprised, and likely ashamed.

Liz Willman

Sacramento / via email

Warnings ignored

Re: “Driving while high” by Foon Rhee (Editor’s note, Dec. 26):

As a retired assistant chief with the California Highway Patrol (30 years service), I have been preaching to anyone who would listen about the problems that would begin and tragically overtake us if and when cannabis was legalized and mixed in with alcohol and drug consumption. Many looked at me as if I didn’t have good sense when I predicted what you pointed out is now happening and accelerating in Colorado and Washington.

Since THC is now in cookies, cakes and drinks, and is easy to buy for home use and parties, why shouldn’t we be worried the next time a doctor opens us up or we’re going to the dentist, etc.?

There are many reasons why I don’t support our “empty suit” governor, but his energetic support of legalizing cannabis tops my list. We are just asking for tragic problems, and I’m sure that many of them are already underway.

Bill Sanders

Gold River / via email

No stoned driving

Re: “Driving while high” by Foon Rhee (Editor’s note, Dec. 26):

The best options to prevent fatal crashes with marijuana-impaired driving still remain public education and trained law enforcement. However, IMMAD—Impairment Measurement Marijuana and Driving—is a simple, quick objective test of retina/vision function. It is in Virtual Goggle with a Bluetooth Response. If a driver cannot see accurately, they cannot drive safely. IMMAD is an efficient means to determine fitness to drive after marijuana consumption.

Denise A. Valenti

Quincy, Mass. / via SN&R Extra

Not a gem

Re: “Best and worst of wide release movies in 2019” by Daniel Barnes (Arts & Culture, Dec. 26):

I was amazed to see “Uncut Gems” at the top of your list of best movies of the year. It would top my list of worst movies I have ever seen in my long life. How anyone could possibly be interested in the totally obnoxious, loud-mouthed main character and his self-incurred woes is beyond me. Of course, his wife and mistress support this creep. Fortunately, he received his due at the end. I only wish it had come sooner.

Elizabeth Kuehner

Sacramento / via email