Letters for January 2, 2020

Re: “The marriage guru” by Raheem F. Hosseini (Feature, Dec. 19):

If you have to state that you are not a cult, you are most definitely a cult.

Matthew Chouest

Sacramento / via Facebook

Beware medical credit

Re: “Bad teeth, bad credit” by Manuela Tobias (News, Dec. 19):

It’s not just dentists. It’s any medical and veterinarian offices that accept it.

Krista Haun

Sacramento / via Facebook

Soviet planning

Re: “Out of step on housing?” by Foon Rhee (Editor’s note, Dec. 19):

Starting in 1928, the Soviet Union issued a series of “five-year plans.” Devoid of any connection to reality, the plans failed. Now, sadly, the progressive successors to the old communist ideology think they too can just “issue” a plan and everything will fall into place. As the owner of the most affordable privately-owned housing serving the poor in Sacramento and as a contractor I tell you affordable housing is a lie in California. Every level of government is working t to make housing as expensive as possible, planning only to get the taxpayer to subsidize it.

Bruce Booher

Sacramento / via email

Cruel and irresponsible

Re: “The problem with K.J.’s comeback” by Raheem F. Hosseini and Steph Rodriguez (Feature, Nov. 14):

To say I was disappointed is a gross understatement. I thought it was a cruel, irresponsible, scurrilous piece of journalism. You tacked on the obligatory never been “arrested, charged or convicted,” but then set off to condemn and punish Kevin Johnson for something he’s never been arrested, charged or convicted for. You go so far as to imply anyone who voted for him or eats at his restaurants or “takes” a selfie with him is an enabler of child molestation.

You attack his Oak Park “empire” as if his efforts to revitalize the neighborhood are evil or dishonest. Within your screed you even mention sex exploitation in the restaurant industry, blatantly suggesting that Johnson’s opening restaurants only to lure vulnerable young women. You quote his competitors and his detractors liberally but never quote anyone who defends him or what he has done. In fact, his defenders you disparage as “fixers.”

Ginger Rutland

Sacramento / via email

Sanders best for vets

As former chairman and longtime member of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, Sen. Bernie Sanders has a proven track record of standing up for veterans and ensuring they and their dependents receive the care and benefits they deserve. Sanders pledges to eliminate the VA benefits backlog and stop the privatization of the VA. He also plans to fill nearly 50,000 vacancies, provide $60 billion to repair infrastructure and expand the caregivers program and mental health services.

Sanders is the only candidate with the political will and tenacity to make his proposals law. His effort to generate the largest voter turnout of all time will sweep new people into Congress that share his progressive vision and allow him to pass his platform. He has received more donations from military members than any other candidate. For these reasons and many more, Sanders is by far the top choice for veterans to support.

Gordon Kobayashi

Valley Springs / via email