Letters for December 26, 2019

Re: “The monarchs of masculinity” by Ashley Hayes-Stone (Arts & Culture, Dec. 12):

Love seeing this kind of representation of our local culture! And maybe readers will learn that the drag royalty is a lot bigger than you might think. Drag can mean so much, and I wonder if people realize how much effort goes into it.

Mike Murray

Sacramento / via Facebook

Family recipes

Re: “The Comfort Food issue” by Steph Rodriguez (Feature, Dec. 12):

Just picked up the newest issue. I haven’t read SN&R in years. I’m not into pot or porn. But the cover really intrigued me. Lots of cool recipes and family stories. Finally some cool reflections of our communities.

Sam J. Pena

Sacramento / via Facebook

Water solutions

Re: “A dusty destination?” by Scott Thomas Anderson (News, Dec. 5):

Long before desalination is attempted, we will need to build more dams and more groundwater recharge in order to store more rain water, especially if the snow season really is shortening. This is a simple fact.

Bill Zaumen

Sacramento / via email

Prenatal care

Re: “Soldiering on” by Scott Thomas Anderson (News, Dec. 12):

I looked up online Her Heath First which is only briefly mentioned in the article. Being Christian and pro-life, I wish you would mention more about such privately funded organizations that help low-income pregnant women with prenatal care. Poor mothers of unborn children, including African-American expectant mothers, are often pressured to abort their unborn child.

I also sincerely wish this state had pro-life elected leaders who would make sure our tax dollars went to help support low-income mothers, including covering prenatal care for expectant mothers, rather than being anti-motherhood and shaming them. Both liberals and conservatives ought to agree to help poor mothers by supporting both private and public funding to help empower them to raise their children up in culture that would otherwise be hateful and unfavorable toward them.

Michelle Kunert

Sacramento / via email

More tax hikes?

Re: “Sacramento is no Portland” by Jeff Doll (Essay, Nov. 28):

Sacramento leaders will justify tax increases with this livability goal. Portland does more with a much lower overall tax burden on its residents. Waste, fraud and abuse make it highly unlikely Sacramento would ever catch Portland in livability rating.

Jim Freeman

via Facebook

Good parks in Sac

Re: “Sacramento is no Portland” by Jeff Doll (Essay, Nov. 28):

I have to disagree when it comes to our parks. Land Park is an absolute gem that the writer fails to mention and in terms of “nature area, preserve and water feature” did we forget about the river?

Kathleen Taylor

via Facebook