Letters for December 19, 2019

Re: “Childhood trauma lasts a lifetime” by Bob Erlenbusch and Drew Factor (Essay, Dec. 5):

Please include adopted children. The trauma that we face is of critical importance and is seldom recognized or acknowledged.

John Casey

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Is homelessness solvable?

Re: “A warm place to sleep” by Lisa Bates (Feature, Nov. 28):

Some problems cannot be solved. Perhaps this is one of them. People of goodwill deal with it every day of the year, to no avail. Hopefully, such people will not stop trying to deal with problems of people.

Hugh Montgomery

Colusa / via email

Drug-makers are greedy

I am a low-income retired senior who has had to return to part-time work to make ends meet. I have had to absorb several steep rent increases over the last several years, one of which was 12%. I simply cannot afford to pay rapidly ever-increasing prescription drug costs, and there is no need for it.

There are other countries all over the world that don’t charge their citizens these outrageous drug prices. For example, the anti-retroviral medication Truvada costs a whopping $1,800 a month in the U.S., while it costs only $8 in Australia for the exact same medication. This is simply outrageous and disgraceful and can only be explained by one word: greed! I am asking that the greed stop here and now.

Mark Underwood

Sacramento / via email

Raising awareness on refugees

Re: “Sewing discourse” by Rachel Leibrock (Arts & Culture, Aug. 15):

I live in Massachusetts and am an active quilter belonging to several guilds. Recently I joined a new one whose intent is more to talk and share. One of our members told us about the 25 Million Stitches Project, and we decided to join. What a great idea to raise awareness of the global refugee crisis. I just wanted to commend Jennifer Kim Sohn on starting this fantastic community project. I love this idea because it is so apolitical. It needs no further words or actions; it lets the viewer decide what to think about it. It only wants to raise awareness of what is happening around us.

Renate Parisek

Walpole, Mass. / via email

Whiter shades of pale

Re: “Sacramento is no Portland” by Jeff Doll (Essay, Nov. 28):

Now ask a person of color how they feel visiting Portland. Such a vibrant tapestry of shades of white.

Justin Lehr

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No credibility

Re: “Sacramento is no Portland” by Jeff Doll (Essay, Nov. 28):

He lives in Elk Grove and is giving opinions on Sacramento livability? Zero credibility and part of the problem.

Joseph Cruz

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