Letters for November 28, 2019

Re: “The problem with K.J.’s comeback” by Raheem F. Hosseini and Steph Rodriguez (Feature, Nov. 14):

Haters of Kevin Johnson always gonna be heard. Speak out and say what you may. He is from my neighborhood, a native of Oak Park. He is bringing decent jobs to the community, and if you live in Oak Park, that is what we need. I’ve eaten at Fixins many times this summer; it’s a family restaurant with nice people. Love Fixins, love Oak Park.

LoEsa Price

via Facebook

Second chances

Re: “The problem with K.J.’s comeback” by Raheem F. Hosseini and Steph Rodriguez (Feature, Nov. 14):

I believe sexual harassment in any form is terrible, but are people who have done this unable to have any type of job or business ever again? This is California, land of second and third chances, for real.

Mark Taylor

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Not convinced

Re: “Not backing down” by Jodi Hicks (Essay, Nov. 14):

Jodi Hicks begins her article talking about “an unprecedented number of extreme abortion bans.” Well, what does she mean by “extreme?”

Apparently she means extremely different from those policies she happens to favor. Which ultimately makes her arguments merely circular.

Gordon Cummings

Rocklin / via email

Fond memories of North Sac

Re: “Del Paso Boulevard’s History” (Advertisement, Nov. 7):

I read the great story on old North Sac. It was its own wonderful city. I grew up there and graduated from Norte Del Rio High School. It’s no longer the same.

In its heyday, Del Paso Boulevard in the ’50s and ’60s was heaven! There were two movie theaters, an ice skating rink, Coopers Donuts, A&W, a roller skating rink, bowling alley, Ben Franklin, several bars, a library at Woodlake Park, a Raley’s on El Camino and tons of fun. It was the greatest childhood. Students were from all over—Woodlake (rich kids), Arden Fair, Gardenland. Northgate. Three schools—Del Norte, Las Palmas and Noralto—were all on a huge giant block area. We rode to Grant High School on our bikes to swim without a care. It was absolutely like “Back to the Future!”

Dona Duncan

Woodland / via email

LP nostalgia

Re: “The ‘stuff store’” by Mozes Zarate (Arts & Culture, Nov. 14):

We need Rasputin here; there’s no more REAL record stores left! I drove 3 hours to Fresno recently just to shop there; sad that now Fresno has a better record store than us!

Jesse Skeen

Sacramento / via Facebook