Letters for Oct. 31, 2019

Re: “Will residents raise a stink on garbage?” by Foon Rhee (Editor’s note, Oct. 10):

When I saw the startling amount of the increases, I decided to attend the public hearing. I listened to the presentation justifying the proposed rate increases based on the city’s population growth, funding for a compressed natural gas fueling station and increased frequency of street sweeping service. I spoke, pointing out that the proposed increases seem extraordinary and that perhaps the gas project should be delayed and street sweeping decreased again.

No one replied to my comments or the comments of anyone else who spoke. I was then surprised when the commission proceeded to vote. I was left with the feeling that the public comments are a mere formality. I believe there could have been 300 of us at the meeting and the outcome would have been no different. I agree that lack of citizen involvement is a problem, but perhaps a bigger problem is the failure of local politicians to understand the burdens imposed on citizens by tax and rate increases.

Brian Powers

Sacramento / via SN&R Extra

Numbers don’t add up

Re: “Running to help the homeless” by Charles Crowder (Essay, Oct. 10):

To provide shelter for the homeless, Charles Crowder proposes infill housing at $50 million for each 250-apartment project, with 62 apartments set aside for the homeless. This means each apartment would cost $200,000. This is a low-ball estimate since such apartments in Sacramento actually cost twice this amount.

Crowder’s proposed apartments would result in rents of at least $2,000 a month to cover mortgage costs alone and would need to be heavily subsidized so that poor folks could afford them. Major add-ons would include drug treatment, health care, job training, security, water, sewer, trash, energy, maintenance and supervision. Crowder does mention tiny homes, but these are relatively expensive per square foot. Providing housing for all of the county’s estimated 2,000 unsheltered homeless would require 30 apartment buildings of at least $50 million each, or $1.5 billion. This proposal would burden Sacramento County with costs not fully addressed by Crowder.

Evan Jones

Sacramento / via email

More movie reviews

Re: “Clown town” by Jed Pressgrove (In the Spotlight, Oct. 10):

I enjoyed Joker, and I think Joaquin Phoenix’s performance is fantastic. Obviously, there are references to Taxi Driver and The King of Comedy, which only made the movie more enjoyable for me.

Even if I disagree with Jed Pressgrove, I am glad he wrote his opinion. I’m grateful that this movie review was in SN&R, and I hope many more reviews find their way into the paper. It is one feature that draws me in to read the rest of your content. Especially in the crazy political environment we are in, we all benefit from an independent paper shining a light on the issues big and small that affect our area and our country. So please keep the movie reviews coming because it all works together.

Michelle Cameron

Davis / via email