Letters for Sept. 26, 2019

Re: “How to stop disabled parking cheats” by Peter Rodman (Essay, Sept. 12):

Seventy percent of all disabled people have disabilities that cannot be seen. Also, most disabled people live on very little income, and so this parking benefit is really helpful. Lastly, it is excruciatingly hard to get disability benefits. It sounds like you need a purpose, but please don’t let it be picking on anyone weak or vulnerable.

Kristen Bye

Sacramento / via Facebook

What does disabled look like?

Re: “How to stop disabled parking cheats” by Peter Rodman (Essay, Sept. 12):

This is a terrible idea. I use a placard, and my disability is none of your concern. I have had people tell me, “You don’t look disabled.”

My answer is: What does disabled actually look like, and why do you think I owe you my diagnosis? So now I have to hire a notary public? Nah.

James Monte Salter

via Twitter

ICE is inhumane

Every year, many immigrants come to the U.S seeking asylum and a better life. The issue lately has been the opposition and hatred we have toward immigrants, including the cages and detention centers. This is the most inhumane policy America can have. We should not be putting people in centers where they can’t get access to clean water, toothbrushes, beds and other daily necessities. A wall to keep immigrants out won’t fix anything.

ICE needs to be abolished because it makes the situation worse by mistreating innocent human beings because of their citizenship status. To help, go to act.credoaction.com/sign/families_belong_together to sign a petition.

Zara Afridi

Sacramento / via email

Voter turnout

In 2016, Donald Trump was elected by a minority of voters. This tragedy happened because the Democratic candidate and voters decided that the election was in the bag and there was no need to add another vote to the landslide that Hillary Clinton would receive.

It will happen again in 2020 if the trend of 2018 continues when only 49% of the voting-eligible population went to the polls.

David Hobbs

Sacramento / via email

Supermarket tabloid returns!

Thanks to Serene Lusano for the great cover. It reminds me of all the time I spent in checkout lines, browsing the tabloids, especially Weekly World News (The best of them!). The only thing missing is bat boy.

John Kwasnik

Sacramento / via email