Letters for Sept. 5, 2019

Re: “To impeach or not to impeach” by Foon Rhee (Feature, Aug. 22):

Why choose between impeachment or election campaigning? Do both. News of House committees’ findings from impeachment consideration will help strengthen Democrats’ campaigns. Democrats’ campaigns can cite those findings to gain votes against Republicans.

Let’s choose a motto to help on both fronts: “We can do better than this” or “Get rid of the crook in the White House.” Readers can likely come up with better ones.

Fred Kindel

Folsom / via email

RT gets less cash

Re: “Getting on the bus” by Steve Miller (Essay, Aug. 22):

Over the last three years, SacRT has worked tirelessly to transform into a world-class mobility provider, has made historic improvements to reliability and on-time performance and has strengthened our commitment to providing clean, safe and convenient transit for the region.

SacRT is launching a completely redesigned bus network on Sept. 8 in line with today’s travel patterns and needs. All bus routes will operate seven days a week, with one exception—a tremendous improvement from the old network. These reliable and consistent bus routes will give our residents a well-connected transit system.

Currently, SacRT receives one-sixth of a penny in local funding, which is approximately five times less than peer transit agencies of our size. In comparison, Los Angeles Metro receives 1.5 cents and Portland TriMet receives 75 cents. With additional funding, SacRT could implement more robust transit service, with improved frequency and service.

M. Carmen Alba

Assistant vice president,

Regional Transit / via email

Suburbs need RT, too

Re: “Getting on the bus” by Steve Miller (Essay, Aug. 22):

Steve Miller doesn’t speak for us Regional Transit bus riders who live and work outside the Midtown-East Sacramento hub and depend on RT to get to and from weekend and nighttime jobs and events.

RT is trying to serve everybody. Starting in September, on Sundays I will still have to wait once every hour to ride the 25 bus to Citrus Heights (my neighborhood), but it’s never operated on Sundays before. And light rail will run every 15 minutes instead of every half hour, so I can connect with the 56 or the 81 on time, and get home before dark. I’m counting the blessings!

Gail Betty

Carmichael / via email

And other actors?

Re: “Holding down the fort” by Bev Sykes (Stage, Aug. 22):

Thank you for reviewing this excellent production, but I must say, to make a comment about a “dream cast” and then only address two characters and the actors who portrayed them was very disheartening. Colonel Fairfax and Elsie Maynard are not even primary characters. There were other principal actors who did an amazing job as Phoebe Meryll (Paige Kelly), Wilfred Shadbolt (Eric Piotrowski), the Lieutenant (Tim Power), Jack Point (Charlie Baad) and Sgt. Meryll (Mike Baad).

Aryk Ryker

Sacramento / via email

Not about economics

Re: “Going nuclear” by Rachel Mayfield (Stage, Aug. 22):

The review totally missed the point in this play. This play has nothing to do with current economics as much as it does with growing up and taking responsibility for oneself. The oldest son is a professor at MIT with a perfectly good job, and decides to quit because he is afraid to fail. The second son is kicked out by his wife because of his infidelity, and decides to come home. Again, not about economics.

A. Pontes

Sacramento / via newsreview.com