Letters for Aug. 15, 2019

Re: “Recovering the wild” by Scott Thomas Anderson (Feature, Aug. 1):

The whole idea of a “zoo” is a 19th century concept. The idea that our dominant species can collect and display wildlife for our own entertainment and amusement is outdated. The entire world exits for our observation from sea to shining sea. The idea that we can capture it for profit is obscene. The concept of a “zoo,” much like the “circus,” must end.

The idea that we can rehabilitate wildlife to their former habitat is also obscene. It smacks of omnipotence and hubris beyond measure. No, you will not succeed. Kudos for trying, but it’s all in vain. Mother Nature wins every time.

Randall Guyton

Grass Valley / via email

Gun rights limited

Re: “To Republicans: Whose side are you on?” by Jerry McNerney (Essay, Aug. 8):

It astounds me that people say that guns are not the problem. I do not believe that the founding fathers believed that the right to bear arms is unlimited. Freedom of speech is protected by the First Amendment, but is limited. The Supreme Court has held that it is illegal to yell “Fire!” In a crowded room. The right to bear arms can be limited also.

Why should we permit the use of military weapons that can kill 21 people and injure dozens in less than a minute? Where do we draw the line? Bazookas? Nuclear weapons? Some would rather protect the right of gun manufacturers to make profits rather than protect the lives of our children. Shame!

Cynthia Neely

Lodi / via SN&R Extra

Trump’s toxic rhetoric

Re: “Enough is enough” by John Garamendi (Essay, Aug. 8):

Hatred, bigotry and ignorance are tales as old as time, but there is an underbelly that rose out of the garbage heap recently because of President Trump. During his campaign when he promoted building a wall at the Mexican border and called Mexicans rapists and drug dealers, he tapped into that frame of mind that needs a leader to justify their fear, hatred, anger and ignorance.

First and foremost, we are all humans. If you think there is something lesser-than based on a person’s class, gender, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation, then you are not living within the realms of facts and reality. We are all one.

Chip Torres

Sacramento / via email