Letters for July 11, 2019

Re: “The case for reparations” by Derrell Roberts (Essay, July 4):

The case for reparations for our nation’s sin of slavery is a strong one. But, in a real sense, there have already been reparations. Consider the more than 300,000 Union soldiers who died in the Civil War in the fight to save democracy and to end slavery, including the men of the 20th Maine who died keeping the Rebs from taking Little Round Top, securing the victory at the Battle of Gettysburg, saving the Union and keeping those treasonous dogs such as Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis from tightening the grip of slavery.

William J. Hughes

Sacramento / via email

Phony discrimination

Re: “The American story is the immigrant story” by Pat Fong Kushida (Feature, July 4):

Another lefty crying and moaning about phony discrimination. Her parents arrived here legally, most likely as they did not prefer to live under communists. She was not discriminated against unless her family lived in communist Oakland or Berkeley, where they bused people from their neighborhood school to some other school without spending a dime on fixing the actual problems in the schools.

Look at her success story and contrast that with Americans who never got out of poverty, crime and prison. There is a difference between her parents and other folks, who wanted to succeed and figured out how to do that rather than depend on welfare and government handouts.

Michael Fellion

Sacramento / via email

On the front lines

Re: “Hunting poachers” by Scott Thomas Anderson (Feature, June 27):

Bless these state game wardens for the work they do. Many Americans are unaware of the rampant poaching and illegal grows that are destroying our wild places. They think it happens in Africa and Russia. This article provides a close look at how bad it is here in California and how important these wardens are to safeguarding our wildlife.

Beth Cataldo

San Francisco / via SN&R Extra

Alleged cop killer’s fate

Re: “Lying in wait” by Raheem F. Hosseini and Mozes Zarate (News, June 27):

California being California, if the killer is convicted of anything, he will spend the next three decades in confinement, yelling about his rights until he dies a natural death.

Hugh Montgomery

Colusa / via SN&R Extra

Real rent control

Re: “Stone cold sober” by Scott Thomas Anderson (News, July 4):

If Mayor Darrell Steinberg was really interested in alleviating the skyrocketing housing costs, he would support rent control measures instead of sabotaging with scare tactics or his laughable temporary three-year, 5% rent hike cap on rentals more than 20 years old. He wouldn’t be peddling the developers’ and real estate lobby’s lies that rent hikes result in less affordable housing available in rent control markets.

Dorothy Eller

Carmichael / via SN&R Extra