Letters for June 13, 2019

Re: “Gag order” by Debbie Arrington (Garden, June 6):

Very sad. From my view, militarizing volunteerism is spreading and that leads to fewer volunteers at a time when they are greatly needed. Volunteering is a part of community building, ownership and pride. If the city has been burned by social media on things like the cemetery rose garden, perhaps it needs to work harder on effective communication and collaboration.

Jennifer Garland

Sacramento / via SN&R Extra

Cemetery conflict

Re: “Gag order” by Debbie Arrington (Garden, June 6):

Thank you for reporting on the troubles at the Sacramento Historic City Cemetery. It is a sad story that seems to stem from a lack of leadership and rivalry among competing views of what the cemetery should be. Simplified, the argument is between a garden and a monument.

Soon after we moved to Sacramento three years ago, we adopted three plots at the cemetery. Both of us enjoy watering plants that might not otherwise get water and weeding so other plants can grow. We have also enjoyed learning about the people who are buried in our plots. We’ve been pleased with what we have accomplished at the corner of Muir and Broadway, and passersby have commented favorably.

Someone needs to convene the different groups and work out a solution. That requires leadership. We’re waiting and hoping because the cemetery is going downhill as a place to visit.

Michael and Frances Spivy-Weber

Sacramento / via email

I Street idiocy

Re: “A bridge to somewhere” by Foon Rhee (Editor’s note, May 30):

The idea of replacing the I Street Bridge is ridiculous, literally worthy of ridicule. The center island swing bridge idea if worthy of a painting, nothing more. No one would demolish their home for cosmetic purposes.

The story of contemporary bridge replacement is dismal, if not criminal. The eastern span of the Bay Bridge cost nearly $6.7 billion, not the $1 billion as planned.

Trygve Snyder

Sacramento / via mail

Not just Russiagate

Re: “Impeach Trump now” by Robert Krikourian (Letters, May 30):

If Congress doesn’t impeach President Trump now, he will only become more imperious, reckless and dangerous.

Forget about Russiagate. Here is my list of Trump’s offenses. Contempt of Congress: He declared two bogus national emergencies, sold arms to Saudi Arabia after both the House and Senate voted to stop arms sales to that country, redirected funds from purposes specified by Congress to his border wall and ignored Congressional subpoenas. Abuse of authority: All of the executive orders he has issued that have been reversed by federal courts, plus the two bogus emergencies. Extortion: The threat he made to congressional Democrats to refuse to work with them unless they stop all investigations into him, and threats he made to potential witnesses. Obstruction of justice: The purpose of the above extortion and other threats is to obstruct justice; the Mueller report presents compelling evidence of obstruction of justice.

Jan Bergeron

Sacramento / via email