Letters for May 16, 2019

Re: “Drama High” by Raheem F. Hosseini (Feature, May 2):

The article says that the Laguna Creek High theatre classes and theatre company tend to attract students who are emotionally troubled, raised in dysfunctional families and are “misfits.” The biased, negative assumptions about teenage theatre/drama students is just as repugnant as the abusive drama teacher, Sarah Woodward Goodenough.

High school teens enroll in theater class because it is an elective class that offers an opportunity for creative expression, public speaking and aesthetic enrichment. It is appalling that SN&R’s editor did not delete that paragraph before the article was published.

Colleen Whalen

Sacramento / via email

Losing downtown trees

Re: “Watching a tower rise” by Foon Rhee (Editor’s note, May 2):

The building spree may be a big boost for Sacramento’s economy, but so many of downtown’s trees are being destroyed in the process. In the past, the state Department of General Services preserved street trees when constructing new state office buildings. However, the state has recently embraced a clear-cut policy in which entire blocks of street trees are wiped out.

It may take two-and-a-half years to construct the new headquarters of the California Natural Resources Agency, but it took more than 50 years to grow the trees that were removed. Trees are our first line of defense in combating climate change. Unfortunately, Planet Earth doesn’t have the time to wait 50 years for the replacement trees to sequester the carbon dioxide that the removed trees were storing so well. The undeclared war on the downtown trees rages on.

Dan Pskowksi

Sacramento / via email

No plot, artful work

Re: “White rabbits and acid tablets” by Patti Roberts (Stage, May 2):

May I suggest that your reviewer read Lewis Carroll’s book in full. She will find that the Disney and other versions she may be acquainted with, while engaging for most people, are extremely distant and in some ways convenient variations from the book.

The review mentions that the Falcon’s Eye Theatre version sacrifices the plot, but reading the book will reveal that there is no plot and the text is deliberately absurd and confusing. Mounting an interesting stage production based on material that is plot-less is a huge challenge. Falcon’s Eye Theatre has done an artful job of meeting that challenge.

Sonny Alforque

Sacramento / via email


Re: “Potently delicious” by Ken Magri (Dish, April 18):

Some of the recipes included inaccurate measurements. The “green butter” recipe will contain 1,000 milligrams of cannabis, rather than THC. In the brownie recipe, each serving should contain 11.8 milligrams of 100 percent THC. And in the infused oil recipe, there will be 44.18 milligrams of THC per fluid ounce. SN&R regrets the errors.