Letters for April 18, 2019

Re: “Are Democrats headed for disaster?” by Eric Wiesenthal (Essay, April 4):

I am completely underwhelmed by the size and scope of the group of wannabes chasing the Democratic presidential nomination. It calls to mind one of my favorite election year words: kakistocracy—government by the least suitable or competent citizens of a state. Does that about nail it, or what?

John Orrin Gann

Sacramento / via email

Conservative Democrats

Re: “Are Democrats headed for disaster?” by Eric Wiesenthal (Essay, April 4):

A “centrist” Democrat writes that he is concerned that America is not ready for “socialists.” Really? Would he rather have his electricity provided by publicly-owned SMUD or privately-owned PG&E? Hint: SMUD is cheaper.

He’s a strong supporter of the Affordable Care Act. Hint: single payer is cheaper and covers everyone. The ACA is really a Republican plan passed during the administration of a Rockefeller Republican, Barack Obama.

The essay writer is also a fan of the 1986 tax reform that removed the last vestige of subsidies for affordable housing. All the limited partnerships that built apartments went bankrupt after that.

With guys like this nudging the Democrats toward the right, who needs Republicans?

Mark Dempsey

Orangevale / via email

Not very artistic

The large, metallic Teel Family Pavilion, the relatively new addition to the Crocker Art Museum, looks like a ponderous, bleak industrial ball-bearing factory with its stark roof line of a dozen giant, jagged diagonal metal baffles silhouetted against the sky. Especially galling is the strange, entirely empty space sandwiched between the historic older building and the newer one, visible through the broad, high lobby windows of the latter. This extensive expanse is the entire focus of the grandiose, all-encompassing view.

And what does one see? An immense area, paved end-to-end with solid concrete, completely devoid of even one tree, bush, bench, blade of grass or any artwork. This space conveys the extremely harsh and gloomy aesthetic of a barren gray military drill ground or a remote, carefully sequestered prison yard.

Glenn Rice

Davis / via email

How about aquarium?

Re: “Old Sac isn’t boring” by Loretta de Porceri (Letters, April 4):

A good addition to Old Sacramento would be an aquarium, but not about the ocean but the river. Go check out the one in Chattanooga, Tenn., that is based on the river. Since we are at the junction of two rivers, I think an aquarium based on them would be appropriate for this area.

Dianna Hansen

Elk Grove / via email


Re: “30 for our 30th” by Foon Rhee (Feature, April 11):

The story incorrectly says how long Chet Hewitt has led the Sierra Health Foundation. He has been president and CEO since 2007. SN&R regrets the error.

Re: “Secondary smoke: Is Sacramento ready for the next big wildfire?” by Tess Townsend (Feature, April 4):

The story said that a homeless man froze to death in February. The county coroner now says the man died of a drug overdose. SN&R regrets the error.