Letters for April 11, 2019

Re: “Shock and resolve” by Sasha Abramsky (News, March 28):

Attorney General Willam Barr’s summary of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report is the opinion of one biased man about a report no one else has seen. Barr will delay the release of the report for as long as possible. In the meantime, President Donald Trump and the GOP will crow that Barr’s summary “proves” that the investigation was a baseless witch hunt. Until the actual report is released, Rep. Adam Schiff’s statements were good enough for me, for now.

John S. Smith

Sacramento / via email

Cops write own rules

Re: “Rules to live by” by Dean Espenson (Letters, March 28):

Perhaps our schools should teach classes on how to be second-class citizens—submissive and subservient to police—and how to beg them for your life. Apparently, the letter writer believes it is theirs to take if you don’t conform to their unwritten rules of conduct.

“In the heat of the moment,” the cops misperceived something for a gun and killed another unarmed man. But the officers’ pursuit created that moment and that heat. They should have been trained to handle that kind of “heat” (fear, panic?) and not let it handle them.

Soldiers in combat fear for their lives as much as our police, and they have checklists for when they may use kill shots. Our militarized police need objective rules for when they may use kill shots—rules that prioritize the preservation of life (not just theirs) and the use of non-lethal tools to apprehend suspects.

Jan Bergeron

Sacramento / via email

War on women

Re: “Be a pro-life party” by Michelle Kunert (Letters, March 28):

A question: How many women and girls will the Republican Party be willing to send to prison or execute for having an abortion?

Joseph Bruno

Carmichael / via email


Re: “Lost in transit shuffle” by Scott Thomas Anderson (News, April 4):

A quotation incorrectly said a resident is represented by Sacramento County Supervisor Sue Frost. SN&R regrets the error.