Letters for March 7, 2019

Re: “Tear down the freeway” by Craig Segall (Essay, February 21):

Removal of the surface freeway is appropriate, but I’d like to see maintenance of the minimal freight route, two lanes each direction. It should be trenched all the way through downtown, and have no on-ramps or off-ramps from Highway 50 to Richards Boulevard. It should be for the true function of freeways, movement between—and not within—productive places.

Dan Allison

Sacramento / via email

No job cuts

Re: “UC’s dishonest outsourcing” by Jasmine Tobin (Essay, February 28):

In regards to last week’s essay about the planned UC Davis Rehabilitation Hospital, we dispute many of the author’s assertions, the most significant being that, “Our supervisors told us our jobs were being eliminated.” In fact, the opposite is true: jobs will be created.

The rehab hospital is a public-private partnership that will deliver advanced patient care and double the amount of care that can be provided by UC Davis doctors, without borrowing or spending public funds that are needed elsewhere. UC Davis Health guarantees that no jobs will be lost due to this new hospital.

This will create 200 new jobs. All jobs related to the current inpatient rehab hospital will be maintained and no one will be laid off due to the new hospital’s opening. No one has to walk away from UC Davis employment unless they choose to do so.

Brad Simmons

Interim CEO, UC Davis Medical Center / via email

Women and GOP

Re: “Scenes from a dying party?” by Dave Kempa (Feature, February 28):

The California Republican Party won’t recover until it allows women to make their own choices for their own bodies and stops kowtowing to the so-called Religious Right.

Dan M. Jacobson

Sacramento / via email

Homeless undercount

Re: “On the margins of the margins” by Raheem F. Hosseini (News, February 21):

I was involved in the PIT count and I don’t understand why these folks were not counted. Excuse my being confused, but does this not include the county of Sacramento as well, the entire Sacramento area?

Susan Mackey

Sacramento / via email

Dating tips

Re: “Is dating dead?” by Joey Garcia (Feature, February 14): Joey Garcia had some great insights into the dating apps. I laughed out loud reading her story, “A Ghosting Lesson.” She’s a treasure!

Rick Costa

Sacramento / via Facebook