Letters for May 30, 2019

Re: “Culinary ambitions” by Robin Epley (Dish, May 23):

Why are we paying $600,000 to get included in the Michelin restaurant guide and encourage food tourism when it lacks the transportation capacity to accommodate that increased activity? Are we going to start openly admitting that Sacramento is a city by and for motorists, and anyone else is condemned to a marginal life?

Those resources should go to increasing transit frequency and simplifying and consolidating routes, signage, and way-finding, rather than paying for press. Is it a Michelin-level meal if your experience getting there is traffic-filled (auto), expensive (ride-share) or torturous and time-consuming (transit)?

Why is Sacramento investing in signs of status, rather than needs, such as frequent and reliable transportation, that would make a real difference in people’s lives and have their own economy-boosting ripple effects? If appearances are Sacramento’s priorities, then, yes, it will surely become as expensive and inaccessible as San Francisco, if that’s what Sacramento wants.

Roberta Winters

Sacramento / via email

Economies change

Re: “Rolling job killer” by Scott Thomas Anderson (Feature, May 9):

I found this to be one of the most poorly written stories to appear in SN&R. It is so slanted and biased that it is sad. It treats the creation of driverless cars as a zero-sum game for taxi drivers as well as Uber/Lyft drivers. This is far from the truth.

The reality will be like it is now—a mixture of modes for personal alternative transportation. Also, those who are drivers now who may be affected will have options to do other sorts of work. Economies, jobs, life—all change over time. This article mirrors the idea that cars replacing horse-drawn carriages will unemploy carriage makers so we shouldn’t allow cars to exist, or that we shouldn’t have automated telephone exchanges because we will unemploy switchboard operators.

Jeff Cassity

Sacramento / via SN&R Extra

Impeach Trump now

I wrote House Speaker Nancy Pelosi about the need to begin impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump. She sent me an automated letter.

I responded to her: Ten offenses by him are justification for impeachment proceedings. If you do not begin proceedings against him, then you may see such brought against you, for failing to fulfill your sworn oath to protect and defend the United States. His “election” was an obvious coup by Russia.

As a lifelong Democrat since 1980, who has never failed to vote, I do not say this with any pleasure. Your inaction thus far is simply perpetuating your permission to continue to allow this coup to possibly repeat itself in the 2020 presidential election. We cannot afford to wait until then to bring necessary actions against Trump immediately.

Robert Krikourian

El Dorado Hills / via email


Re: “This grow house” by Lauren Jones (Capital Cannabis Guide, May 23):

The Sacramento Housing Alliance estimate of families in need of housing in Sacramento County was understated. It is 58,000. SN&R regrets the error.