Letters for Sept. 19, 2019

Re: “A Bay Area refugee’s plea” by Meaghan Douglas (Essay, Sept. 5):

Couldn’t have said it any better myself! I love Sacramento, it’s my home. I could not imagine a time when I will be forced to flee. Welcome to Sacramento. Watch out for the Prius drivers, they’re the worst!

Jordan Motta

Sacramento / via SN&R Extra

The threat of 5G

Re: “5G for fighting” by Scott Thomas Anderson (News, Sept. 12);

Thank you so much for covering this story. Sacramento residents need to be aware of the threat that is knocking on our front doors. I have been fighting against the unchecked rollout of 5G since March, shortly after my family began experiencing health problems that we attribute to the Verizon antenna installed just 45 feet from our home. The antenna is roughly the same height as our second story, pointed at our home and is radiating directly into our bedroom windows.

Left unchecked, companies such as Verizon and AT&T will install thousands of small cell antennas throughout the Sacramento area. These antennas are being installed on top of light poles, closer than ever to people’s homes. The proximity, particularly on the vertical axis, is the greatest threat to our safety. This will result in unprecedented levels of exposure to radio frequency radiation inside our homes.

Noah Davidson

Sacramento / via email

Solar energy is the future

Re: “Nuclear power works” by Michael Stinson (Letters, Sept. 12):

Acquiring energy from fossil fuels has been expensive in human lives, mostly affecting poorer people. Nuclear energy, if it is not made safe, can also endanger lives, but affecting everyone, and the damage to the environment could be catastrophic.

Moreover I do not believe that relying on solar power will send us back to buggies and oil lamps. Work being done at the University of Arizona and also in Oregon and Utah suggests that solar energy collection and food production can be combined. Solar panels do not do so well in the desert sun because it is often too bright. It seems that milder sunlight, which grass and vegetable crops also need, is more advantageous. Plants with solar panels covering them apparently do better than those that are uncovered. Moisture is preserved for the crops underneath. Imagine safe energy pouring in from pastures all over this country. We’d be energy rich!

Noni Chinery Redmond

Sacramento / via email

Dodging bikes

I just moved here recently from Ventura and live downtown near the state Capitol.

What’s the deal with all the bicycle riders on the sidewalks? If that’s legal, who has the right-of-way? I’m going to get killed down here.

Michael Shortz

Sacramento / via email

Bring back film reviews

Is there any way I could persuade you guys to reinstate movie reviews? I miss them so much. It’s made me pick up fewer and fewer issues than I once did. I’ll even write the reviews for you if that’s what it takes. I just hate that film criticism has become an acceptable loss in print. It’s so deeply, soul-crushingly depressing. I’m begging you, please right this wrong.

Brandon Wolfe

Sacramento / via email