Letters for Sept. 12, 2019

Re: “Power play” by Scott Thomas Anderson (Feature, Aug. 15):

OK so I read this story about PG&E and the wildfires, and I agree that it is responsible for those fires by failing to maintain its equipment and towers because PG&E is more beholden to shareholders than public safety. Because PG&E is privately owned, shareholders always come first.

The problem I have is that you people always have to throw in a jab against nuclear power, though you all say you are concerned about the environment and you want clean energy. All the radical left-wing Democrats are happy about closing all our nuclear power plants in California. Diablo Canyon has never caused one problem. If anybody thinks that wind and solar power will be the answer to save our environment, then they need to go back to horse-drawn buggies and kerosene lamps.

Michael Stinson

Sacramento / via email

The value of zoos

Re: “Zoos are archaic” by Randall Guyton (Letters, Aug. 15):

The reader’s comments that a zoo is a “19th century concept,” equating it to a “circus” and that animals are “on display for our entertainment” are not accurate assessments of the modern zoo.

Zoos are a vital part of saving endangered species through their breeding programs, and they serve as teaching and educational tools for children and adults, who learn about thousands of species, their natural habitats and countries of origin, and about the ongoing extinction of many animals due to poaching and environmental issues. Major zoos in the U.S., at least, provide hundreds of acres of land for larger animals to roam freely, and do release animals back into the wild. The keepers work tirelessly, treating animals humanely as well as medically. Every species, large and small, is important to our environment.  Learning and entertainment and are not necessarily two different “animals.”

Barbara Rohrer

Roseville / via email

Progressives dissed

Re: “Don’t add to partisan polarization” by Jeff vonKaenel (Greenlight, Aug. 15):

Progressive Democrats need to demonstrate that the Democrats represent 99% of Americans? There’s only a handful of progressives in Congress, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi keeps saying they don’t represent her party.

Jeff vonKaenel says Democrats should hold congressional hearings on issues such as investors’ preferential tax rates, outrageous drug prices and destructive agribusiness practices. Let’s include government fossil fuel subsidies and corrupt military contracting—but all of these industries are big Democratic campaign contributors that have enjoyed strong bipartisan support for decades.

An impeachment hearing would make Republicans defend their “king of Israel.” But Democratic leaders don’t have the stomach for it. They’d rather bash “the squad” than stand up to our dangerously delusional president. With the environment, democracy and civilization itself at risk, if Democrats won’t stand up to Trump, they won’t stand up to their wealthy backers for our future, either. We need better and won’t settle!

Jan Bergeron

Sacramento / via email

No compassion

Re: “To impeach or not to impeach” by Foon Rhee (Feature, Aug. 22):

A leader with a messianic complex and no compassion or empathy is a terrible thing to behold.

Scott Berrian

Jackson / via Facebook