Joy Stern

Joy Stern spends her days teaching music to students at the Southside Art Center and her nights playing bass and guitar in two local bands, Freeport and the Band That Time Forgot. SN&R caught up with Stern while she was feeling a bit under the weather (and a little dosed up on NyQuil). Her Playlist consists of music she’s been listening to in her car. Let’s just hope she’s not driving while taking the nighttime so-you-can-rest medicine.

1. “Twin Cinema”
by the New Pornographers (from Twin Cinema)

2. “Summer Dress”
by Red House Painters (from Retrospective)

3. “With You”
by Stars of Track and Field (from You Came Here for Sunset Last Year)

4. “Eli, the Barrow Boy”
by the Decemberists (from Picaresque)

5. “Wax and Wane”
by Cocteau Twins (from Garlands)