Allyson G.

Allyson G., or, as she referred to herself in a recent e-mail, “the artist formerly known as Allyson Seconds,” took time out of her busy schedule to compile an SN&R Playlist. While thinking about what she’d put on the mix, a theme presented itself to her: “Songs by people who you can imagine in bed by the way they sing.” Listen to these tunes and see if you can’t drum up steamy images of these vocalists.

1. “I Wanna Be Your Lover”
by Prince (from Prince)

2. “Fuck and Run”
by Liz Phair (from Exile in Guyville)

3. “Backseat”
by Pets (from Step)

4. “Cherry Bomb”
by the Runaways (from The Runaways)

5. “The Slider”
by T. Rex (from The Slider)