“These five songs are at the top of our long list of pre-show/pre-party, on-the-way-out-the-door, amplified-to-rock songs. We put them on to get it started,” explained Derek Fieth and Allison Jones, collectively known as Pets. “If we were in charge of the jukebox at the shows we play, these songs would set it off before we went on.” Catch the electro-charged duo at Old Ironsides on April 15.

1. “Thrilla (feat. Ghostface Killah)”
by Cassius (from Au Reve)

2. “Don’t Be Scared”
by A.R.E. Weapons (from A.R.E. Weapons)

3. “Beat Connection”
by LCD Soundsystem (from LCD Soundsystem)

4. “Billy Jack”
by Relaxed Muscle (from A Heavy Nite With …)

5. “Pardon My Freedom”
by !!! (from Louden Up Now)