Caitlin Gutenberger

“I listen to NPR most of the time, but lately I have been unearthing some of my favorite old stuff—I think it’s an enjoyable, necessary activity,” confessed Caitlin Gutenberger, guitarist and vocalist for the local trio Two Sheds. Gutenberger’s Playlist includes “Glorious” by the Breeders. “It reminds me of why I wanted to rock in the first place,” she explained. “Simple guitar, loud-ass drums, great vocals—just music totally unfettered by fancy bullshit.”

1. “Glorious”
by the Breeders (from Pod)

2. “Cyanide Breath Mint”
by Beck (from One Foot in the Grave)

3. “Airstream”
by Lee Bob Watson (from To Juliette from Punk Sinatra)

4. “Where Did You Sleep Last Night?”
by Leadbelly (from an untitled bootleg in Gutenberger’s collection)

5. “Only Shallow”
by My Bloody Valentine (from Loveless)