Robert William Doctor

If you happen to be heading to San Francisco this Saturday, stop by the Canvas Gallery (1200 Ninth Avenue) and catch a performance by Sacramento-based folk singer Robert William Doctor (a.k.a. Phillip Flathead). Doctor recently opened up his five-disc changer for SN&R, revealing, among other albums, Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks. “[It’s] my absolute favorite CD of all time. I love the space, the energy and passion in the record,” he explained.

1. “Concrete and Barbed Wire”
by Lucinda Williams (from Car Wheels on a Gravel Road)

2. “Beat Angels”
by Rickie Lee Jones (from Traffic from Paradise)

3. “Madame George”
by Van Morrison (from Astral Weeks)

4. “Ring Them Bells”
by Ethan Daniel Davidson (from Ring Them Bells)

5. “Miss Maybelle”
by R.L. Burnside (from Wish I Was in Heaven Sitting Down)