Damian Sol

“I’m not sure if all these songs are breakup songs per se, but they all bring something to the table in light of the recent band breakup,” explained Damian Sol, whose band Las Pesadillas announced its split earlier this month at www.laspesadillas.com. “These tunes are just what I need to remind myself that everything is transitory and sometimes forward is the only way to move.”

1. “Pretty Pathetic”
by Smoking Popes (from Destination Failure)

2. “Sea Anemone”
by Jets to Brazil (from Orange Rhyming Dictionary)

3. “Back in the Goodle Days”
by John Hartford (from Aereo-Plain)

4. “Failure (Album Version)”
by Kings of Convenience (from Quiet is the New Loud)

5. “Planned Obsolescence”
by Las Pesadillas (from Quantum Immortality)