Chelsea Wolfe

Ravishing: No other word more accurately describes the hauntingly beautiful vocals of local artist Chelsea Wolfe, who supplied SN&R with this week’s Playlist. Wolfe’s mix includes “Crawl Home,” a track that features the vocal interplay of P.J. Harvey and Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme. “This song is all about feeling,” explained Wolfe. “‘Crawl Home’ could fit my mood any day. It kicks ass.”

(1) “Run”
by Air (from Talkie Walkie)

(2) “Falling Man”
by Blonde Redhead (from Misery Is a Butterfly)

(3) “The Seer’s Tower”
by Sufjan Stevens (from Illinois)

(4) “Crawl Home”
by Desert Sessions (from The Desert Sessions Volume 9 & 10)

(5) “Simple Girl”
by I Am X (from Kiss + Swallow)