Mark Rocha

In 2002, Mark Rocha responded to a musician-seeking-band ad that cited influences like Slint, Don Caballero and Tortoise. That fateful day marked the birth of prog-rock duo Swims. That said, it isn’t surprising that Rocha’s Playlist includes a track by Don Caballero, which, as he explained, “Punches you in the face, then hugs and kisses you and says ‘Sorry,’ then drugs you up and kicks you to death when you’re passed out.” Sounds fun, no?

1. “Chiendent”
by Cheval De Frise (from Fresques Sur Les Parois Secrètes Du Crane)

2. “Close To The Edge: I. The Solid Time Of Change/II. Total Mass Retain/III. I Get Up I Get Down/IV. Seasons Of Man”
by Yes (from Close to the Edge)

3. “That’s the Way”
by Led Zeppelin (from Led Zeppelin III)

4. “Fire Back About Your New Baby’s Sex”
by Don Caballero (from American Don)

5. “I’d Like Your Hair Long”
by Hum (from You’d Prefer An Astronaut)