Jonny Craig

A little bit screamo, a little bit emo, local act Dance Gavin Dance has acquired quite a following in the area, especially with the ladies. (See for proof.) SN&R asked the band’s vocalist, Jonny Craig, to take a break from the recording studio, where the group is currently working on a six-song EP, to compile a Playlist. Here’s what he came up with:

1. “Act III: Modulate Back to the Tonic”
by the Sound of Animals Fighting (from Tiger and the Duke)

2. “Last Transmission”
by Anatomy of a Ghost (from Evanesce)

3. “Inmates”
by the Good Life (from Album of the Year)

4. “Saeglopur”
by Sigur Rós (from Takk…)

5. “Go Wash Your Mouth … I Don’t Know Where It’s Been”
by Fear Before the March of Flames (from Odd How People Shake)