Jeannette Faith

Jeannette Faith, of local electronic-pop duo Park Avenue Music, turned to her iPod to compile a Playlist fit for a morning bike ride to work. At the top of the set is Dub Tractor’s “I Don’t Care,” a song that Faith explained “has that relaxed beauty that makes mornings sparkle.” A self-described night owl, Faith explained that the song has increased her appreciation for “getting out of bed when there are sunrises and dewy grasses to behold from the seat of the bicycle.”

1. “I Don’t Care”
by Dub Tractor (from More or Less Mono)

2. “At My Window”
by the Beach Boys (from Sunflower/Surf’s Up)

3. “If She Wants Me”
by Belle & Sebastian (from Dear Catastrophe Waitress)

4. “Sunrise”
by New Order (from Low-Life)

5. “Sleeping In”
by the Radio Dept. (from Pet Grief)