January 31 - March 10, 2009: Iraq War timeline

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DATE EVENT U.S. DEAD Iraqi civilian dead 01.31.09 Iraq’s voters are enthusiastic about elections despite tight security. 4,235 89,216 02.06.09 Calm prevails following Iraq’s elections, while early returns show heavy support for President Nouri al-Maliki’s party. 4,236 89,266 02.12.09 Ongoing sectarian violence claimed the lives of at least eight people in the cities of Mosul and Karbala. 4,242 89,350 02.21.09 Iraq promised better treatment of prisoners as the nation reopened the remodeled Abu Ghraib, now called Baghdad Central Prison. 4,246 89,526 02.28.09 The rising rate of suicide among troops has prompted special suicide-prevention programs in the Marine Corps. 4,251 89,550 03.03.09 As the military mission in Iraq shifts, front-line troops are practicing diplomacy with local citizens. 4,253 89,561 03.10.09 A bombing targeted at dignitaries in the area for a conference killed 25 and wounded more than 30 in Baghdad. 4,255 89,710

Sources: U.S. Department of Defense, Iraq Coalition Casualties, Iraq Body Count, The Associated Press, CNN, International Herald Tribune, The Guardian (London).