Food Stuff

Illustration By Conrad Garcia

When it comes to ice cream, the major Sacramento names are Vic’s, Gunther’s and Leatherby’s. All have a fond place in our hearts. But when it comes to premium ice cream, with a high butterfat content and pure ingredients, we like another local name: Paragary. Yep, house-made ice cream is on the dessert menu throughout Randy Paragary’s restaurant group, and, characteristically, it is a quality product. Executive Chef Kurt Spataro says the ingredients simply are cream, egg yolks, sugar and natural flavorings, prepared in small batches with no need for stabilizers. Drop by for a scoop ($1.50) or a sampler ($3.75) of the vanilla bean, caramel, chocolate truffle and occasional seasonal variety. Spataro says he has been experimenting with house-made cones, too, which may be on Cafe Bernardo’s menu by next spring. But don’t worry, Vic, Gunther and Leatherby: Paragary has no plans to add ice-cream parlors to his empire. Multiple locations,