Food Stuff

Illustration By Conrad Garcia

For many, the is all about the food. But folks, you need to have a sensible strategy: Don’t eat food that has been deep-fried in oil that hasn’t been changed in a few thousand miles. You will be OK with barbecue if it was prepared over a wood fire by a guy with a cowboy hat and a gut. Don’t try to polish off one of those incredible “Country Fair” cinnamon rolls by yourself. An ice-cold and healthy Merlino’s Freeze is a must—the perfect fair food. The “Old State Fair” taco won’t hurt the stomach, but Noel’s Mexican food is better. Kettle corn is dependable and can keep your mouth busy without leaving you stuffed. And, if you absolutely can’t resist, eat the deep-fried Twinkie just before you leave the fairgrounds, which will allow you to convalesce comfortably at home. 1600 Exposition Boulevard, (916) 263-3000. Through September 1 (Labor Day).