Food Stuff

Illustration By Conrad Garcia

Ralph Nader received a pie in the face when he announced his endorsement of Peter Camejo for governor, thereby making it official: The recall election really is a circus. Nader reacted petulantly by flinging some of the pie back at the fleeing assailant, but he may have responded with better humor if he’d been hit by a pastry from . Since 1965, Cramer’s has built a loyal following for its American-style baked goods. The salesperson said the fruit-basket cake is the house specialty, though others praise the beehive cake as a Cramer’s classic, and the Italian rum cake makes for a fine dinner finale. In any event, many of the items in Cramer’s bakery case have a lot of whipped-cream frosting, which would look good on Nader and on many of the 135 candidates in the recall circus. 4960 Freeport Boulevard, (916) 451-7176.