Food Stuff

Illustration By Conrad Garcia

The great legend of El Dorado tells us that more than 100 years ago, an Italian created a golden liqueur. He named the elixir Galliano, and immigrants brought the drink with them to our gold country. Many years later, a gentleman in one of those foothill towns bought a shiny, new gold Cadillac. He decided to celebrate at , the local tavern, where he requested that the bartender whip up a gold-colored drink. The bartender grabbed a blender; poured in Galliano; added creme de cacao, half-and-half and ice; and created the “golden Cadillac.” The drink became an international sensation, the tavern was mobbed from that day on, and Poor Red’s became the planet’s largest user of the golden liqueur. And legend tells us there is still gold coming out of the Sierra foothills, delivered one icy drink at a time from a gold mine in El Dorado. 6221 Pleasant Valley Road in El Dorado, (530) 622-2901.