Field guide to Sacramentans

Field identification helps you understand the habits and habitats of the strange creatures that populate our area.

Introduction to guide
Spotting a particularly colorful species while out in the field is one of the joys of spring. Learning to identify them by their characteristics, recognizing their distinctive calls and plumage—it sets our hearts atwitter.

Many experienced birders find joy in competing with themselves or with friends by listing the species they’ve identified. In the coming days and months see how many of the following groups you can spot!

—Sutter Maglethorpe

Field Guide Editor

Dudus tattoous

Lobbyist gladhandus

Bureaucratus minor

Sparechanger agrobummus

Gluttinius republicanus

Populous hassleus

Mostlie hocuspocus

Enviro leftoloonytunicus

Federalis subsidis

Oratus pretentious

Leftis rambleon

Maximus sprawlopolis