Dining like Hawks

Yeah, you can spend this fall eating take-out, or you can do it in style, like husband and wife duo/owners of and executive chefs at Hawks, in Granite Bay, Molly Hawks and Michael Fagnoni.

Here’s what Molly says about maximizing autumn cuisine:

“The cooler weather definitely makes us crave braises and soups to warm the soul. At the restaurant, we’re getting ready to put a puree of butternut squash soup on the menu, along with braised short ribs with Brussels sprouts and bacon.”

“We’re looking forward to the fall day when we can bundle up and enjoy hot cocoa and mulled cider by the fire on our patio.”

“When the apples are plentiful, we like to make salads with chicories and candied nuts. As the artichokes come back into season, Mike’s playing with a striped bass dish with braised leeks and grilled baby artichokes. Last, we’ve got Michelle, our pastry chef, poaching the bountiful pears.”