A meal to remember

Looking for a great dish? I asked Dennis and Mary Kercher of The Hidden Kitchen (www.thehiddenkitchen.net) about the most memorable dishes they’ve tried in Sacramento recently:

1. Dennis: “We had a great scallop dish at Mason’s about a month ago, served over a kind of mixed corn sauté.”

Mary: “We had our first dinner at Mason’s, and we were pleasantly shocked at how good the food was.”

2. Mary: “About a month ago, we had gnocchi at Waterboy, with just a simple tomato sauce, and it was otherworldly.”

Dennis: “It was so good we got two orders of it—one for an appetizer and then another.”

3. Dennis: “I thought the sushi we had at Kru was really nice, beautifully prepared, fresh—really good. It was early summer, and we went with another couple and we all kind of shared. They really did a nice job. The presentation was beautiful on each one.”