Fair game

It’s fair season, and you’ve got this weekend through Labor Day to hit the midway. I asked Jessica Dunning, media director for the California State Fair, what she loves to eat every year at the fair—and, more importantly, what’s new these days from the deep fryer:

“My personal favorite is probably the frozen yogurt. When it gets warm in the evening I love going to get a frozen-yogurt cone.

“Every year, a certain vendor—Chicken Charlie—he likes to bring something new, so people can say, ‘What will he do next year?’ So these are his new things for fairgoers this year: Fried cheesecake, fried frog legs and a fried Elvis sandwich—peanut butter, bananas and honey, deep-fried. The craze this year is deep-fried Coke—it’s Coke syrup, fried batter, in a Coke cup, add whipped cream, more syrup, and a cherry on top.

“Actually, the deep-fried Elvis sandwich is delicious—peanut butter and bananas is available. I’ve the tried frog legs, and they taste like fish and are pretty tasty. The cheesecake—I don’t think, personally, you can mess up cheesecake. I haven’t tried the deep-fried Coke. I’m waiting until I’m really hungry.”