The A lists

Looking for a restaurant where you can get a great bottle of wine? Jason Fernandez, winemaker for Midtown’s new Revolution Wines (, reveals which Sacramento restaurants have some of his favorite wine lists:

1. “I like the Mason’s list. It’s definitely catering to a little bit of the high end. Somebody took some time; there are some things on there that are off the beaten path, not mainstream, but they’re very high quality. You’ll find some pinot noirs and chardonnays that you won’t find anywhere, and even some cabernets.”

2. “Tapa [the World] has a wonderful list. They’re very Mediterranean … and it’s really fantastic. I know they’re thinking of trying to find a way to get on the Wine Spectator list, and they deserve it.”

3. “You know, over at [La Trattoria] Bohemia, on J Street? They had a pretty good one. I was there just once, really, but I liked what was there. They had a Montepulciano, and I like a Montepulciano. It’s one of my favorites.”