Eating American

Looking for something to serve for your Fourth of July cookout? I asked chef Jeff Ivaska of Roxy Restaurant & Bar what all-American fare he likes to cook up for Independence Day:“There are so many great things—I guess one of the things we tend to eat a lot on the Fourth of July is grilled corn. That’s one of my particular favorites, and it marks the beginning of corn season, along with heirloom tomatoes. That, along with just some great olive oil, or a panzanella salad, is a favorite.”

“For meats, I like marinating skirt steak with molasses, and just grilling that to serve alongside the corn.”

“And for dessert: strawberry shortcake. Berries just scream summertime to me. I’d take some berries and macerate them with some sugar and Grand Marnier, make a nice fresh little biscuit and serve it with some crème fraîche.”