Off the registry

Wedding season is here, which means it’s also the season for wedding gifts. I asked Mary Worthing, the assistant manager at William Glen and the buyer for the store’s housewares department, for recommendations in the higher-, mid- and lower-priced categories:

1. “On the high end, a KitchenAid mixer, because everyone should have one of those—there are two different sizes, the five and six quart.”

2. “For a piece of cookware that’s necessary, a piece of Le Creuset cookware—you can use it on the stove or in the oven for roasting. It’s an all-around great piece.”

3. “With our busy schedules, a pressure cooker is a good idea—you can come home from work and make a nutritious, quick meal instead of fast food. The new ones are not like your mother’s old pressure cookers that might blow up—they have release valves to relieve the pressure.”

4. “Something else that’s lower-priced: good knife, like a santoku, is something that you really, really also need in your kitchen.”