The price is right

Everyone needs go-to places for an inexpensive meal or snack. I asked local food blogger and writer Garrett McCord—who writes Vanilla Garlic ( and is the Errant Gourmet for Edible Sacramento magazine—about his fave spots for cheap eats:

1. “No. 1, by far, is Davis Noodle City—if you haven’t been there, for the love of God, go. All the noodles are handmade right there in the restaurant. They serve wonderful things like mustard green noodles or pork chop noodles, with slices of deep-fried pork chop to eat by itself or put into the broth.”

2. “In Sacramento, Kasbah. If I just want a snacky place, it’s perfect. I love the dates stuffed with chorizo and blue cheese and deep fried in lemon batter—oh my goodness, it’s like a party in your mouth and everybody’s making out.”

3. “The Hot Dogger in Davis is probably about the size of most people’s closets. The person behind the counter has all the fixings for very very wonderful food, and everyone is always friendly. I’ve ended up making a few friends, actually, just standing in line at the Hot Dogger.”