What’s new?

Always looking for a new food discovery? I asked Jennifer Cliff, publisher of Edible Sacramento and a writer for the blog Sacatomato (www.sacatomato.com), about her most recent discoveries:

1. “Tamarind. We just went there the other day and had the chicken-curry pho—I always thought it was [pronounced] foe, but I was wrong; it’s fuh—it was really good.”

2. “Vande Rose, which is the butcher in Granite Bay. It’s fantastic. The best meat counter. And I was always surprised, because to me it would be typical for this area to have a great butcher shop. Corti has a good one and Taylor’s does, but nothing that’s true custom-cut—it’s just gorgeous. It’s all Hereford beef, and it’s really good—kind of creamy, really yummy.”

3. “Real Pie Company. We keep going there. I went and got a blood-orange tart the other day, with the chocolate crust, and a couple of quiches, and they’re so good. If I lived down there I would make it a routine to go there all the time. It’s really quality stuff.”