Spring flings

With spring-like weather come thoughts of young produce. I asked Randii MacNear, market manager for the Davis Farmers’ Market, what she’s excited to see coming back to the market:

1. “Of course the greens, the young first-of-spring snow peas, and asparagus—actually, move asparagus to the top of the list! We’re waiting any day now for the arrival of asparagus, which is one of the signature spring crops and something people wait for. It’s been just harvested that day or day before—very fresh, very tender.”

2. “At this time of year we would normally see more salad greens, young chard and kale. We’re also looking for the early carrots—the sweet, seasonal carrots.”

3. “At our market we are getting the first strawberries from the San Diego area. You might think, looking at their size, that they’re not delicious. They’re very large, but in my opinion these are some of the best times for the San Diego berries.”