Sweets for the sweetie

So, you’re all set on a Valentine’s gift, right? I didn’t think so. In case you’re looking for something that’s not the usual box of chocolates, but that still says “you’re sweet,” I talked to Rebecca Baese, manager at Sacramento Sweets Company. She suggested a few sugary treats that are off the beaten track:

1. “Brittles are our specialty, and we have little sample packs with a quarter-pound each of peanut, cashew and macadamia brittle, in little red bags with handles. We make all of our candies here in store except for products like Jelly Belly.”

2. “We also make our own chocolates here. English toffee is one of our most popular sellers in the chocolate display, and it’s also one of my favorites. We can package that specially and put it in the little red bags with handles as well.”

3. “Jelly Belly is also featuring mesh heart containers filled with Xs and Os gummies—those are really nice for Valentine’s Day.”